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Alto is the leading pharmaceutical company of India and is already working on the world market. To date, the company has a network of branches in 75 countries. Also, the company is a member of the European Association of generic companies, but also maintains the necessary relations with all scientific and research centres in Europe and the United States. Alto produces about 450 names brand generics.

Alto constantly improves its technological production process and research work to ensure that all manufactured products meet all international standards. Each year the company allocates 20% of their turnover on research and development and also the development of its production, and this, in turn, one of the highest rates for those firms that specializiruetsya in the production of such goods. Making a choice in favor of the Alto you can be 100% confident that you acquire only the most innovative and quality products.
The advantage is that, because the pharmaceutical industry is rapidly evolving, and Alto constantly introduces new and completely unique medicines, while also improving its form of release, dosage of already known drugs. All products applies only to the most popular pharmacological groups such as antibiotics, analgesics, hormonal preparations etc.

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