British Dragon

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The successful pharmaceutical company British Dragon Pharmaceuticals, which is located in Thailand, is a very high-quality producer of steroid hormones and their esters.

British DragonBritish Dragon Pharmaceuticals is a manufacturer of pharmaceutical products that fully meets all technical and international requirements and standards. For you, there is always a wide choice of various products for active sports, and the company very carefully monitors the quality of all products offered and sells only original and high-quality products, the range of which is constantly updated with the newest and innovative means.
Buying drugs from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals you confidently conquer new heights in sports and bodybuilding!

British Dragon Products

The owners of the current British Dragon company deny any connection with the former company, but this is not confirmed by the names of the products produced by the company – they have not changed. Only more interesting was the packaging: oral preparations are packed in jars, in turn folded into cardboard boxes. Vials with injections are also packed in cardboard boxes.

At present, British Dragon Company produces the following oral preparations:

  • Halotestex Tablets (active ingredient – fluoxymesterone, 10 mg / tab)
  • Methanabol Tablets (aka methane british dragon, active ingredient – methandienone, 10 mg / tab)
  • Oxanabol Tablets (active ingredient – oxandrolone, 10 mg / tab)
  • Oxydrol Tablets (active ingredient – oxymetholone, 50 mg / tab)
  • Primobol Tablets (active ingredient – methenolone acetate, 50 mg / tab)
  • Stanabol Tablets (active ingredient – stanozolol, 10 mg / tab)
  • Turanabol Tablets (the famous turinabol, the British dragon, the active ingredient is oralturinabol, 10 mg / tab)

From injection drugs are produced:

  • Aquabol Suspension (testosterone suspension, 100 mg / ml)
  • Boldabol Inject (active substance – boldenone undecylenate, 200 mg / ml)
  • Decabol Inject (active ingredient – nandrolone decanoate, 200 mg / ml)
  • Durabol Inject (active ingredient – nandrolone phenylpropionate, 100 mg / ml)
  • Dynabol Inject (active ingredient – nandrolone undecanoate, 200 mg / ml)
  • Mastabol Inject (active ingredient – drostanolone propionate, 100 mg / ml)
  • Primobol Inject (active ingredient – methenolone enanthate, 100 mg / ml)
  • Stanabol Inject (active ingredient – stanozolol, 50 mg / ml)
  • Sustabol Inject (active ingredient is a mixture of testosterone esters, 250 mg / ml)
  • Testabol Enanthate Inject (active substance – testosterone enanthate, 250 mg / ml)
  • Testabol Depot Inject (active ingredient – testosterone cypionate, 200 mg / ml)
  • Testabol Propionate Inject (active ingredient – testosterone propionate, 100 mg / ml)
  • Trenabol Inject (active ingredient – trenbolone acetate, 80 mg / ml)
  • In the British Dragon product assortment there is a preparation Humantropin 10 IU with active substance recombinant somatropin (in 10 IU bottle). The most popular is the whole assortment of turinabol british dragon.