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Cipla Ltd is an Indian world-class pharmaceutical company that uses advanced technologies and innovations to provide patients with effective medicines that are constantly in need of treatment. The company has a history of development for more than 80 years, being today one of the most important pharmaceutical brands not only in the homeland, but also in Ciplamore than 100 countries around the world. The list of products of the company is more than 1000 items. The company manages to maintain a stable balance between business interests and the interests of a society oriented towards affordable medical products. The whole world knows Cipla as the producer of an affordable product: the company was the first to supply antiretroviral drugs (ARV) to the triple combination in Africa. The cost of a daily dose of less than $ 1, and this has allowed to save millions of patients since 2011. The development and research of the company’s employees are focused on the creation and improvement of innovative products and the organization of supplies of medicines.

Cipla Ltd is known as the manufacturer of effective generics for the treatment of hepatitis C, such as Hepcvir (with cofosbuvir as an active ingredient), Hepcvir L (with two active ingredients – sophosbuvir and lepidavir).

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