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As you know, athletes trying to get the most out of steroid therapy and get by with minimal losses cyclize the use of steroids. By and large, under steroid cycles is the meaningful intake of these or other steroids. That is, sitting on the “course”, the user decides for himself, for what purpose he is going to “chemize”, selects those or other drugs, determines the duration of the cycle and dosage. At the same time, such circumstances as the presence or absence of finance, the availability of drugs on the “black” market, their portability by the user to a specific user, etc., come to the fore.
It is no secret that the main knowledge concerning the use of steroids is received by bodybuilders, as a rule, from older “comrades”, and often in these “councils” everything is turned upside down. In general, this is not surprising, since in  magazines you still could hardly get more or less complete information on this subject, since those rare articles that appeared in them from time to time contained only general information concerning the most famous steroids (often it all came down to quoting instructions for their use) and reprints from the popular reference book of the American guru in the field of bodybuilding Bill Phillips “Anabolic Cyclessteroids”. But even with him, along with very sound thoughts, there are quite far-fetched and unreasonable statements. For example, Phillips believes that the use of steroids for longer than 8-12 weeks Cycles is simply meaningless, since after 4-6 weeks Cycles the muscle cell receptors are “clogged” and cease to capture steroid molecules, resulting in the body losing the state of the positive nitrogen balance needed for growth muscle tissue. In addition, according to Phillips, long-term use of steroids overloads the liver, kidneys and other organs and eventually leads to their defeat. Receptors of muscle cells, in fact, are “hammered”, especially if you use oral steroids such as methandrostenolone, but in the recommendations of Philips a lot of weaknesses. I will explain why. The most popular among athletes is the scheme for taking steroids, called the “hill” (Phillips calls it a rhombic model). Let’s say you decided to spend an 8-week cycle and chose the “methane” option. In this case, your “hill” will look like this:

week 1: 1 pcs / day
week 2: 2 pcs / day
Week 2: 3 pcs / day
week 4: 4 pcs / day
week 5: 3 pcs / day
week 6: 2 pcs / day
week 7: 1 pcs./day
week 8: 1 pcs./day.

This scheme can be called a scheme for beginners, since it indicates a very low dosage of the drug. According to Phillips, applying this scheme, during the first 4 weeks, you will experience an increase in muscle strength and body weight. Some users even manage to increase up to 10 kg of weight even in such a short period of time, although, mainly, due to fat and water, and add 15-20 kg in basic basic exercises such as bench press, squats, etc. And imagine: by the end of 4 weeks your “receptors” are hammered, besides, you start to reduce the dosage. It’s clear that in the next 4 weeks you can hardly make progress Cycles. Moreover, there is a risk of starting to lose accumulated, although Phillips also claims that the achieved level of results can be maintained due to a smooth reduction in dosage. And only after you stop taking methane, the level of strength is likely to fall to those that were before the course (especially since methane is excreted almost instantly from the body). Yes, perhaps you will be able to maintain the gained weight, however, given the sharp drop in strength, I admit that with you there will only be a typed fat and water. After a few weeks, the water will leave, and you will be left with nothing. It’s good that your “course” was timed to some kind of competitions in bodybuilding and powerlifting, and he helped you to show a better result Cycles. If not, you made a blank shot.