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Intas Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading vertically integrated global pharmaceutical companies in the world, headquartered in India.

In the domestic market, Intas Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading players in the manufacture of therapeutic drugs. In addition, the company’s products are exported to more than 50 countries, mainly in North America, Europe and Latin America.

Intas PharmaceuticalsIntas Pharmaceuticals is a company that produces and sells only quality, proprietary, branded, and reliable products all over the world and at the same time the range of products is constantly increasing.

Intas Pharmaceuticals has extensive experience in acquiring rights to the world’s most famous and global brands of pharmaceutical products. Pharmaceutical renowned groups have decided to lose their products for a variety of different reasons, such as launching new key drugs, changing their strategic plans, or, for example, optimizing their portfolio, as well as merging. Intas Pharmaceuticals is becoming a wonderful partner for them, and offers only a flexible and yet comprehensive approach that has already proved itself very well, as well as a wealth of experience, know-how in its work and the acquisition of such products.

Among the advantages of Intas is the constant appearance of the newest pharmaceutical products, a fairly flexible price model and high quality of the product.