John Lee

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John Lee is one of the leading Indian biopharmaceutical companies, which focuses on the development, production and marketing of special therapeutic protein products with a special emphasis on endocrinology, as well as related fields, which are aimed at the full provision of only the most affordable and innovative products.

John LeeJohn Lee is located in Mumbai and offers a wide variety of goods in the sports world market. The main products of the company are Antibacterials, Antidiabetics, Analgesics, Antifungals, Antipsychotics, Antiasthmatics, Antacids, Antimalarials, Cardiovasculars, Cosmeceuticals, Gastrointestinals, Skin Care, Psychotropic and Nutraceutical. John Lee products and technologies are exported to many countries in Europe and the US, as well as the countries of Southeast Asia.

The principle of John Lee is only the excellent quality of all products, affordable prices, and fast delivery speed to meet all market demand.