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Strongly go into depression about the occurrence of erectile dysfunction is not worth it, because drugs for improving erections are represented by the pharmacological industry and modern medicine in a fairly wide range. Taking drugs for potency, a man is able not only to restore his masculine strength, but, importantly, to treat the root cause of reducing male potency.
To choose the right medicine for the potency or the drug, you need to seek help from a doctor who will pick up a remedy that will directly eliminate the cause in this particular case. Well, while there is a medical trial, it would be nice to get acquainted with the existing list of reviews on tablets for potency. Knowing the information about that drug to improve the erection, which will appoint a doctor, it will not be superfluous.

The main component of drugsĀ Male Support to improve the potency of Sildenafil Naturally, the discussion of reviews on drugs that help improve male potency will be built around sildenafil. In addition, we provide feedback on the potency tablets, which are derived from sildenafil, and other reviews about drugs that do not have any relationship with this substance.
Male SupportDescription of the mechanism of action of sildenafil Male Support: blocking the action of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5, the drug has an increasing effect on the blood flow in the vascular system of the penis and pelvic organs. Improving blood circulation contributes to the filling of blood with cavernous bodies, the appearance of an erection. It is worth noting that the erection after taking drugs with sildenafil comes against a background of sexual arousal.
Next, there will be reviews of the most common medications for curing an ailment called erectile dysfunction.

Drugs that eliminate the violation of erectile function

In addition to drugs, the active ingredient in which sildenafil acts, drugs are also isolated in the composition with other active components. In particular, they are:
Tablets for potency, including cantharidin. The latter provokes the reaction of the penis to an erection.
Medicines that are released with a base of yohimbine. This component is able to increase the circulation of blood around the genital area, thereby increasing their sensitivity.
Medicines with a fortifying effect on the body of men, exerting influence in the future on the restoration of male power in an entirely acceptable way.
Do not forget that drugs that increase potency, show their impact immediately after taking. The effect of new generation drugs is based on stimulating the natural processes of renewal of erection and is carried out by pharmacological institutions like tablets, suppositories, capsules, ointments and in a powdery state.

Overview of potentiating popular medicines and reviews about Male Support


Viagra to increase potencyViagra has established itself at the leading position in the presented “hit parade” of medicines to raise potency. The drug with an active base of sildenafil increases potency, is produced by pharmacists like gelatin capsules. Viagra starts to act after 30 minutes from the time of admission and continues to affect for 3-4 hours.
The comments of doctors are that when a given remedy is used (almost with magical properties), a man receives sexual contact, which is full of duration and power. Dosage of the preparation is different depending on the package: 25-100 mg. The drug is started with a small dosage. And in a day the dose of the medicine should not exceed 100 mg. This drug is not free from prohibitions to use: age (18 years), severe heart disease with blood vessels, liver. It is strictly forbidden to take capsules together with alcohol and dishes from fatty foods.


Cialis for increasing erectile function The active substance of the drug is tadalafil. The action lasts almost 36 hours, which is accompanied by an erection and a long sexual drive. “Cialis” produces 20 mg tablets. The drug is taken once a day.
Reviews of him are such that they warn of the careful handling of this remedy, since there have been situations of spontaneous erection lasting for 6 hours and accompanied by pain. If such a side effect occurs, you should contact the medical institution for help.

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