Meditech Pharmaceuticals

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Meditech – Production is in Germany. It is one of the leading European companies producing high quality products from the field of sports pharmacology.

Meditech Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company leadeur in the peak of drug performance, specializing in the sports community. Medi Tech has existed since 1982, and specializes in the production of high-quality, high-performance steroidal ranges, using the quality of pure (USP / BP) as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) with a standardized active material, effective and safe, which gives the world a mind and full satisfaction for all users .

Meditech PharmaceuticalsMeditech Pharmaceuticals own research center dedicated to development: all steroids are designed and manufactured in the house. The beta test for raw materials and finished products is carried out in an independent laboratory that complies with international GMP standards and ISO: 9001.

Meditech Pharmaceuticals offers a full range of anabolic / androgenic steroids that passes anabolic hormones / androgens to antiestrogens with anabolic steroids, in various formulations such as tablets, capsules, gels and injections.

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