Natco Pharma

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Natco Pharma Ltd. is one of the largest distributors in the healthcare industry of India. We cover a significant part of the demand for vital and essential medicines in India and also specialize in the supply of drugs to local hospitals and pharmacies.

The company’s administrative office is located in New Delhi, the financial capital of India. A staff of more than 150 people works in the staff, and each of us is a professional in his field. We have strategic partners all over India, which is convenient when organizing medical tourism and personal meetings as well as cooperation at the international level.

Quality control is carried out by our experts and independent laboratories. All products come directly from the sales office of production, working according to the standards of “WHO-GMP”, in accordance with all international quality standards (ISO 9001).

Natco Pharma
What is Natco Pharma Ltd.?

Choosing a reliable partner, who can transfer the rights to the production of Sofosbuvira for emerging markets, GileadScience considered dozens of companies from different countries. The first company to which rights were transferred was the Indian producer Natco Pharma. What is Natko? Founded in 1981 with an initial capital of just 3.3 million rupees and a staff of 20 people, the company has become a giant of the pharmaceutical industry and one of the most advanced companies with a staff of 3,500 highly skilled professionals and 5 factories in India. The company is among the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies. At the moment, Natko’s products are exported to North America, South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Experts estimate that up to 50% of all manufactured Natko drugs are exported to developed countries.

Natco Pharma is a company that inspires confidence

Nato is well known in the world for achievements in the field of pharmaceutical research and development. For example, in 2003 Veenat was introduced to the market for the treatment of leukemia. In addition, the portfolio of licensed drugs is constantly being replenished, 2012 was a turning point, when NatcoPharma was the first to receive a license for the production of a generic drug from Bayer, the anti-cancer drug Nexavar. In 2014, Nato is the first to receive a license for the production and distribution in 112 developing countries of a generic drug for the treatment of Hepatitis C Sovaldi (Sofosbuvir), and in 2015 a new combination drug for the treatment of genotype 1 and 4 of Hepatitis C Harvoni (Sofosbuvir 400 mg. / Ladipasvir 90 mg.) Under its own trademark Hepcinat-LP. Beginning in December 2015, Natko commences the production of the drug Daklataswir under the Natdac brand, as well as GileadScience, Bristol-Myers Squibb issued an official permit for NatcoPharma to manufacture and distribute generic Daklinza bestseller (Daklataswir) in developing countries.

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