Sun Pharmaceuticals

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Sun PharmaceuticalsSun Pharmaceuticals is a pharmaceutical company that offers high quality medicines at affordable prices. The company conducts research, produces ingredients, prepares dosage forms, distributes and marketing. Attaches special importance to medicines in the field of neurology, psychiatry, cardiology and gastroenterology. In connection with a significant increase in production (55%) for 1991-1996. Sun Pharmaceuticals is one of the fastest growing companies from 30 leading companies in India. Eight of their preparations are the best on the market in some areas of medicine. Sun Pharma emphasizes the quality of products. And also strictly adheres to the quality standards. The company owns modern equipment, officially approved technology and strict control. Thanks to this, Sun Pharma can offer more than 100 products and several names of substances to customers in 10 countries. Soon, about 16 countries will issue certificates of registration of their preparations.

Sun Pharmaceuticals is committed to taking the lead thanks to research. For several years now, 4% of the turnover was spent on research; today about 3.5 million dollars. The US is invested in research.

The advanced research center Sparc Sun Pharmaceuticals is one of the largest research centers in the country. In Sparc, many talented scientists work on the synthesis of organic chemistry, pharmaceutical doses and new dosage forms. These important studies will enable Sun Pharmaceuticals to offer the very best drugs that will meet the needs of patients and thus allow us to become one of the best firms in the future.