Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen)

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Clenbuterol hydrochloride . – the drug used to dry the body, can be used alone, and with other fat burning drugs.

How to take Clenbuterol:

Clenbuterol hydrochlorideMen should take 120-140 mcg (maximum dosage) to begin with 40 mcg and gradually increase the dosage, usually a course is ordered for 100 tablets. The duration of the course is no more than 4 weeks.
Women should start the course with 20 mcg and gradually go up to 80-100 mcg (maximum dosage), the course will be enough to order 100 tab, the duration of the course: 2-4 weeks.

How to drink Clenbuterol:

In the morning, on an empty stomach, before eating, after 20 minutes you can eat.

Additional drugs on the course:

Ketotifen to avoid side effects. From the second week takes 1 mg of Ketotifen at night.

With what you can combine, combine:

Absolutely with all anabolic steroids, such as: testosterone, boldenone, deca and so on, as well as preparations intended for fat burning, for example, thyroxine.

How to do PCT after clenbuterol:

After clenbuterol, do not do PCT, just take a break from taking weeks 4-6.