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Exemestane is the “aromatase killer”, its inhibitor, extremely similar to formate in structure and action. The action is expressed in the blocking of enzymes responsible for the synthesis of estrogen. Aromazine is approved by the FDA (an interpretation of some kind of GNK and the Ministry of Health in one) for the treatment of breast cancer in patients of post-menopausal age who have been unsuccessfully treated with tamoxifen. Aromazine is advertised as the only available aromatase deactivator. This is not entirely true, since its closest rival formate is not recognized as a drug in the United States. In fact, they both do the same job, but aromatase makes it better.

Exemestane is probably the most effective aromatase inhibitor at the moment. According to clinical tests, femara and arimidex suppress 78-80% of estrogen, then aromamazin on average suppresses 85%. The opinions of bodybuilders tend to favor aromamazine, relative to other anti-estrogens. Regardless of who is the “king” of antiestrogens, and aromazine and arimidex and femar, if you include them in your courses, will do a good job of preventing gynecomastia, accumulation of fat and water.
It is important to point out that there are some disadvantages of using these drugs. The most well-known is a bad influence on the synthesis of “good” cholesterol, so if you just want to prevent gynecomastia, build up water, use nolvadex or clomid, which have the opposite attitude to cholesterol, because in the liver they turn into quite active estrogens.
In the pharmacy, 30 tablets of Exemestane can cost you about $ 200. This is about the same price as analogues. A good difference in this plan is that it is powerful enough to use it at doses much less than the recommended 25mg per day. In fact, studies have shown in some patients the maximum suppression of estrogens at a dose of 2.5 mg per day. In principle, this can save you money.