Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

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HGH: what is it?

In many previous materials, we examined in detail the factors that have a direct effect on the anabolic processes that occur in the human body. This knowledge is useful, but also do not forget about the “chemical” component of the process, that is, about hormones. But it is from them (growth hormone and testosterone) that the success of the process is called a beautiful and relief body. Today we will talk about growth hormone.

Speaking scientifically, the growth hormone is called somatotropin, a peptide structure that is produced by the endocrine gland. Its main task is to form a muscle mass and help to build a contoured body relief. In young people, this hormone causes a sharp linear growth (due to the rapid development of tubular bones in the limbs). Usually its concentration in the body is small – 1-5ng / ml, but it can also increase (at peak periods reaches 45ng / ml).

Somatotropin not only takes part in stimulating muscle growth, it also helps:

  • To normalize metabolic processes;
  • To stop the destruction of muscles;
  • Strengthen the processes of fat burning;
  • Increase glycogen reserve in liver cells;
  • Faster regenerate damaged tissue and heal wounds;
  • Increase the number and size of cells of the liver, thymus gland;
  • Improve the synthesis of collagen;
  • Increase sexual activity;
  • Strengthen the joints and ligaments;
  • Improve the lipid composition of the blood;
  • To accelerate the growth of young people.

But do not forget that somatotropin functions not in itself, but in conjunction with another hormone that is produced in the liver cells and affects the growth of cells of all internal organs.

Somatotropin and bodybuilding. How to stimulate growth factors naturally?

Each athlete will be interested in how to maximize this powerful growth factor for building relief muscles.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH)The first thing you need to know, growth hormone is an effective assistant in weight loss, as it affects the rate at which metabolism occurs. You already know that every cell in the human body uses either glucose or fatty acids as make-up. So the amount of glucose regulates insulin, and the amount of fatty acids – somatotropin.

So it turns out that if the body needs to lose weight, then it must be done so that the body does not eat glucose, but fatty acids. It will not work on insulin, because it regulates the amount of glucose in the blood, and it also helps that the cells get food from glucose. On the other hand, with the help of somatotropin, there is an opportunity to force cells to switch to the consumption of fatty acids and reduce glucose consumption.

In order to crank the whole thing, the hormone must get into the membranes of fat cells and act as a transport system for them. The hormone will take the fatty acids out of the blood and give them oxygen. It turns out that somatotropin is able to start lipolysis, which will be especially bright at the moment when the cells will experience an acute shortage of fatty acids.

The second thing that is also worth remembering: if it is a growth hormone in the bodybuilding plane, some “craftsmen” use medications, various injections and other “chemistry” to accelerate the process of muscle growth. But I repeat once again that the best is “clean” sports and natural results, so here you will not find information about the properties of various drugs that cause the secretion of growth hormone.


So we finally figured out what growth hormone is and what it’s eaten. Remember, somatotropin is a very powerful factor that affects the growth and development of muscles. It must necessarily be considered for both beginners and more experienced athletes. And most importantly, do not forget that there are a lot of natural ways to increase the content of growth hormone in the blood, so there is no need for using “chemistry”.

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