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Letrozole is a drug that is fairly effective.
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Letrozole in bodybuilding

letrozoleLetrozole is a drug that is not a steroid. It is quite common in many countries.
Letrozole is most often used by bodybuilders, but this does not exclude the use of the drug by other athletes. In sports practice this drug is used as one more element on the steroid cycle in order to reduce the level of estrogen and increase the testosterone level. Letrozole is the most high-quality drug, which is why it is used by many athletes. Letrozol can be bought in a professional sports medicine store. Letrozole, the price of which is acceptable for most, is used in various sports.
The scientists conducted certain experiments, with the help of which it was proved that the drug reduces the concentration of estrogen by almost 100%. At optimal dosages, the concentration of estrogen decreases to 79%, which is also a very good result. A reduced estrogen level can influence the reduction of negative results during the steroid cycle, which is quite important for athletes. The use of letrozole by bodybuilders increases the production of certain hormones that can increase the normal level of testosterone.

Effects on the use of Letrozole

• Estrogen negative results are prevented (fat, acne, gynecomastia, increased water content).
• The risks of gynecomastia at the beginning of the cycle are eliminated.
• Preservation of muscles after using the steroid cycle.

Features of Letrozole

buy letrozoleThe use of letrozole by bodybuilders costs from 1 to 3 milligrams during the day. Experience has shown that the use of 100 mcg per day also has a good effect on the suspension of the aromatization process. An increase in optimal doses leads to side effects, for example, a decrease in libido. Each athlete chooses a dosage in accordance with the experience of using steroids and the characteristics of the body (but not more than 3 milligrams per day). To find out which is the best dose to apply, you can undergo a medical examination. In the period of prolonged use of the drug, Letrozole can be used in a day.

How correctly to use Letrozole in the period of PCT?

Letrozole should be used at 2.5 milligrams every day from 7 to 10 days, and later take 0.5 mg daily up to 3 weeks.

Adverse Events

• Headache.
• Pain in the bones.
• Increased body temperature.
• Appearance of weakness of the body.
• Sometimes there may be a feeling of nausea.
• Increased pressure.
• Hair may fall out.

But it is not necessary after these side effects to be afraid of the use of the drug, since they can occur only at improperly selected dosages.


Aromatase inhibitors can be used by most bodybuilders. Special contraindications to the use of the drug is not observed, but the drug should be used with the recommendations of a sports doctor, so that there are no negative phenomena. If there are side effects, you should start taking another, more appropriate drug.

Reviews about Letrozole

Many athletes respond about Letrozol, as a quality product. Athletes note that this is the best drug in their field. Despite the fact that the drug is inexpensive, it is considered very effective and not dangerous to use.
It is almost impossible to see bad reviews about the drug from athletes. Most often side effects of athletes are due to the use of incorrect dosages.