Methandriol Dipropionate

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What is Methandriol Dipropionate?

The company decided to keep up with its competitors and released a drug based on an injection version of methandienone – methandriol dipropionate, which can be ordered in our store. The drug quickly became popular among the siloviki. This is due to a similar tablet version of the properties. About the demand for methane a lot to say is not necessary, because even natural builders have heard about this AAS.

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Positive properties

You should be aware that it was the methandienone that became the most popular AAS in the world. Almost immediately after the establishment in the mid-sixties, methane proved to be the most demanded in the sport. The truth soon became clear that the steroid is most beneficial in heavy sports disciplines. More recently, an injection version of this active ingredient has also entered the market. Consider the main properties of this drug:

  • The rate of calcium absorption in the digestive system is increased.
  • Metabolism of oxygen in the muscular and other tissues of the body is accelerated.
  • Physical indicators are rapidly increasing.
  • The synthesis of protein structures is accelerating and this concerns not only muscular tissues.
  • The drug is a powerful anti-catabolic.
  • On the course of the hematopoietic system begins to work more actively.
  • Steroid has a positive effect on bone tissue and joint-ligament apparatus.
  • In addition to the above effects on the course, others also appear.

However, do not forget about the possible side effects. Although this is rare, we recommend caution when preparing the course. First of all it concerns methane dosages.

Dosage and Administration Methandriol Dipropionate

The drug should be put often, since the term of its half-life has not increased. We recommend to enter AAS daily. In extreme cases, injections can be done every other day. A single dose ranges from 50 milligrams to 0.1 grams. Beginners should be guided by minimum doses. The duration of the course is standard and on average is two months.

Combination with other drugs

When composing combined courses, you have almost no limits. Methane shows itself well when working with any anabolic. The most popular is its ligament with testosterone, but other drugs may well be used. For example, to improve the qualities of the mass you can use an anvar-methane binder. Let’s consider this cycle in more detail:

  • Take an anavar every day in the amount of 40 milligrams.
  • A one-time dose of injection methane will be 50-100 milligrams, and injections are recommended every day.
  • The duration of the course is two months.

This course can be an excellent choice for beginners. On the course of the risk of manifestations of pobachek is minimal, and the results can be excellent. Although the course is considered easy, the PCT should not be abandoned. Most often the body is completely restored after a couple of weeks.

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