Testosterone cypionate

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Testosterone cypionate

We can say with confidence that this active substance – testosterone cypionate is sold mainly in the US. This steroid is their most favorite and often used type of testosterone, and testosterone cypionate is also known in Europe. It is excreted from the body after 15-16 days. This preparation is released as an oil solution.

Testosterone cypionateDue to the long duration of the action, this drug provokes a water retention more than other similar steroids. Most often it is used in conjunction with massonabornyh courses. Testosterone cypionate is a strong androgenic and anabolic steroid.
By its action testosterone cypionate is identical to the natural hormone testosterone – that is, as a male sex hormone responsible for many emotional and physiological qualities of a man. Manifestations of the hormone are:

  • Sexual attraction
  • Aggression
  • Coarsening of the voice
  • Muscle growth

The principle of testosterone is based on the fact that anabolic receptors cause muscles to accumulate more nitrogen, which leads to the creation of muscle proteins.

To the shortcomings of the action of testosterone cypionate can be attributed aromatization – turning it into a female hormone estrogen. And when a large number of female hormones are present in the male body, the following signs begin to appear: water retention, fat deposition by female type, decreased sexual desire, gynecomastia. Of course, all these consequences can be prevented with proper use of the drug.

Testosterone cypionate course

Testosterone cWhen comparing, you can find a lot of similarity of testosterone cypionate with testosterone enanthate. In fact, enanthate is its European counterpart, athletes are not prone to fluid retention, the difference will not be visible at all. Virtually everything that is written in the scientific literature about testosterone cypionate also applies to testosterone enanthate.

Testosterone c for most athletes will produce stunning performance in the growth of power indicators and massanabor. It can be combined with many drugs and steroids. No wonder this drug was liked by many athletes and rightly earned its high title of one of the best steroids for building muscle mass.

It is also important to note that at the end of the course and the end of taking testosterone cypionate there are certain losses in strength and mass. This is primarily due to fluid retention by suppressing the production of its own hormone. Although Americans believe that testosterone cypionate has a greater response due to the accumulation of more water.

Take testosterone c from is recommended in dosages of 250 to 500 mg. The injection is performed once a week due to prolonged action. However, exceeding the dosage above 800-1000 mg can already lead to an aggravation of side effects and their obvious manifestation. The duration of testosterone cypionate on average is 4 weeks, maybe even more. Everything depends on the steroids course and your goals.

Testosterone Cypionate Reviews

Studying what they say about testosterone cypionate reviews, you can immediately conclude that the drug is highly effective. No wonder this steroid is one of the most effective and favorite among bodybuilders. Comparing the responses and voting of specific people about the cypionate, in general, all are satisfied. With one exception, some athletes do not like the side effects of Testosterone C. This, too, can be minimized through the proper preparation of the course and the passage of the PCT.