Alpha Pharma Boldebolin – Boldenon was originally developed for veterinary purposes. This is an anabolic long-acting steroid, androgenic effects of which are half as much, when compared with Testosterone. While the drug is not inferior to Dianabol in terms of strength and weight characteristics.

The action from the reception of Boldenon can be characterized as slow, but qualitative. Its course is longer, it is longer determined and longer to be excreted by the body. It helps to increase appetite, helps to produce more red blood cells in the blood and increases the flow of oxygen. These advantages make Boldenon very popular among athletes.

Boldenon effects:

  • A very significant increase in strength and endurance;
  • A good increase in quality, dry muscle fibers;
  • Effective in the course of drying, as it promotes relief and venousness;
  • Increases appetite;
  • Increases the erythrocyte mass of the blood, so training on Boldenone gives key indices of endurance.

Boldenon: course, dosage

The course of Boldenone is recommended for 8 weeks. Weekly dosage of the drug: 500-800 mg. Ether undlessilenate is a long ether, therefore anabolic activity unfolds more slowly: the minimum dosage is therefore 400 mg, a decrease in dosage will not give an effective result.

The drug works very well in combination with other anabolic steroids. If the goal is high-quality drying, the best bundles of boldenone are with Winstrol, Oxandrolone.

With the task of gaining muscle mass, you must combine Boldebolin with Testosterone, Trenbolone, which have a pronounced androgenic effect. If a bunch of testosterone is used, it is mandatory to include anti-estrogens in the course and use of gonadotropin.

Side effects of Boldebolin:

Athletes very rarely notice side effects that are associated with estrogens, even if the dose of the substance is 1 gram per week. Therefore, it does not make sense to take anti-estrogens during the period of taking Boldebolin.

The drug has a low androgenic activity, so it is used by women – it is almost safe for women’s health.

The same double interconnection between molecules guarantees the resistance of Equipoise to the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme converts a small amount of boldenone into dihydrolaldenone, which is considered a strong androgen (seven times stronger than testosterone). Because the substance does not actually cause such androgenic effects as acne, alopecia, prostatic hypertrophy. Boldenone also has almost no effect on the production of testosterone in the body.

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