Fenilver amp.



Nandrolone phenylpropionate produced in ampoules in kegs, in one kegs 10ml substance to 1ml substances have 100mg nandrolone phenylpropionate.
This anabolic steroid, which has a strong anabolic activity and do not aromatize fenilver vermodzhe capable of increasing the amount of prolactin in the body fenilver from vermodzhe very well to gain lean muscle mass, without excessive water retention, fenilver is short-acting, its concentration in the blood 2-4 days after the injection.
Always align fenilver from vermodzhe with any testosterone or whether that would be a good libido on the course, as it is able to reduce the nandrolone, if you put it into a solo. Oil fenilver very soft, and leaves no lumps, and painful reactions after the injection.

Effects of receiving Fenilvera

  • Qualitative but moderate muscle growth. Fenilver increases protein synthesis and decreases its loss.
  • Improving the absorption of amino acids intestine.
  • The increase in power performance. According to its properties to increase strength without a significant gain in weight of injectable Nandrolone is a unique drug, and is actively used by athletes, skiers, boxers and other athletes who are not interested in excessive muscle building.
  • Fat burning effect.
  • Stimulation of collagen synthesis. Due to the formation of collagen strengthens ligaments and joints. Fenilver also has the ability to stimulate the release of synovial fluid.
  • Strengthening immunity.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.

Nandrolone phenylpropionate – it is a structural modification, in which a nandrolone through 17-beta hydroxyl group is added phenylpropionate ester. Fenilvera principle of operation is based on the fact that after the release of the substance into the blood, and the ester formed is detached free nandrolone. I created a drug to provide a peak blood levels of a substance in a minimum term. In general, the effect of phenylpropionate is no different from the classic decanoate, as the active substance – Nandrolone – the same thing.

Properties and side effects Fenilver

Many athletes are familiar with a fellow drug of the active substance nandrolone decanoate. Some athletes, calling on our forum, it is believed that the effect of them is very different, and in general it is the opposite steroids. In fact, unlike lies only in term of activity of a substance in the body. Nandrolone phenylpropionate is active for 2-3 days, and decanoate, a longer ester is active for a week. In this regard, and the dosage of Fenilver Vermodje should be somewhat larger, and the injection should be placed more often.

The drug is good because it is not converted into dihydrotestosterone, and is converted to a more secure and low-active substance. Testosterone production at rather short courses decreases very slightly.

Side effects from Fenilver Vermodzhe appear very weak or non-existent in the use of the steroid in the recommended dosages. This is due to low drug and low aromatization of androgens. In some cases, especially when abuse dosages, there are acne, increased fluid accumulation, increase in the percentage of body fat and gynecomastia.


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