Mastabol 100 from British Dragon Pharmaceuticals (codes) – injectable steroid short-acting, effective at drying courses, high-quality muscle growth without excess water, fat and rollback, improve power performance and efficiency. The active substance has drostanolone dipropionate, having strong androgenic and moderately low anabolic properties, active up to 2-4 days after injection.

Side effects Mastabola

Mastabol has low impact on the liver, it is not addictive and has optimal androgenic effect. The optimum dosage is 300-500 ml for males in the week. Women are permitted dosage in the range of 25-30 ml per day. It is not necessary to exceed, as significant changes in the level of physiological parameters will not happen, but it will increase the likelihood of negative manifestations. Duration of about 6-10 weeks, and sometimes can be as high as 12 weeks. It all depends on the level of training and goals. Side effect, subject to the dosage is very rare.

Due to the low percentage of anabolic index achieved good fat-burning effect, but increases the likelihood of adverse reactions androgen. They can manifest themselves in the form of acne, prostate hypertrophy, enhance aggression, baldness, increased hair growth on tele.Preparat not subject flavor, so the use of anti-estrogens is not necessary. It is used as a solo or in combination with other drugs. Very good results in drying time gives combination with Winstrol, which helps rid the body of excess fluid. For muscle mass can be set to include Boldenone. Also Mastabol well with Primobolan. This complex helps to achieve higher performance.

Application Mastabol preparation 100

In sports, this drug is used mainly men, and they use it most often on long courses of drying in order to obtain quality muscles, devoid of water and fat. Women, as already noted, the use of these injections are usually not performed because of the relatively high androgenic activity, could lead to virilization.

How to take Mastabol 100 in sports, particularly bodybuilding, steroid and what means it can be combined? Options and effective combinations are many. The choice of a particular combination should primarily be based on the objectives pursued by the athlete, his experience and financial capacity.

Newcomers for drying may well be suitable joint course of anabolic testosterone propionate +, which takes place on such a scheme: testosterone – 100 mg every other day for 8 weeks, drostanolone dipropionate – a 100 mg once every two days (8 weeks). FCT will need tamoxifen (30 mg daily for 3 weeks), plus you can add Tribulus.

In turn Mastabol Combination Course 100, trenbolone acetate, and again, testosterone propionate is a good choice for drying for more experienced athletes. Dose for the course we recommend the following: trenbolone – every two days at 75-100 mg, drostanolone dipropionate – every two days with 100 mg of testosterone – every two days with 100 mg.

In general, the reception Mastabol 100 is usually performed at a dosage of about 300-500 mg per week, in other words, using a dose of around 100 mg and placed every 2-3 days. This frequency is based on the application is not the largest term activity of the drug (up to 3 days). Courses same with its participation in the last average from 6 to 10 weeks (perhaps 8 – 12 weeks).

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