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Naposim – Titanium steroids modern market. Under this name hides all known methane (Danabol). naposima course is considered a classic introduction to pharmacology. The drug is actively used in many sports, particularly bodybuilding amateur level. Admission naposimavedet to a huge list of positive effects, including rapid muscle gain.

The results of taking this drug please absolutely everyone. Man under normal not excessive dosage starts quickly enough to gain muscle mass, as well as power rates that radically changes the approach to training and the overall tone with humor. That’s why naposim from vermodje enjoys great popularity. Most potential buyers when choosing methane naposim want to buy, almost oblivious to the other brands, with the exception of similar Titans market. In addition, we must not forget the positive reviews about this drug, which also boasts a low price.

The dosage regimen Naposim drug (Naposim) Starter

Beginners are advised to start using the drug Naposim (Naposim) with 10 mg per day, bringing the dose to 15-20 mg per second or third week of the course. This is enough for a two-month cycle to a qualitatively gain weight, build muscle mass in those places where it is needed, as well as to improve the endurance and strength. If the desired duration of the course Naposim drug than 8 weeks, experts recommend that instead of increasing the dosage of supplement scheme injections of steroids or other fully switch to another drug. At the beginning of reception – if Naposim (Naposim) is used for the first time – it is desirable to monitor the reaction of the organism, as is still sometimes the human body may be individual factors intolerance of certain components of the preparation. Experienced bodybuilders can use a dose of 40-50 mg per day, but the excess is fraught with the appearance of nausea, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, so such experiments are advised to carry out only at your own risk.


Most of those who used the drug, said the good growth of muscles, darkens only some back after the course. Some interfere with appetite increase, complicating compliance sports diet. Due to the popularity of the drug and, despite the recent popularity, feedback was not hard to find. Forum Our online store provides a platform to discuss preparations for both experienced athletes and beginners looking for advice.

Side effects Naposim athletes say the frequent appearance of acne, greasy skin and decreased libido. But almost all the statements in the network is characterized by a positive drug. No problem with it if in the course include anti-estrogens such as tamoxifen.

Already during the first weeks of muscle mass increase of 2-3 kg, in particular at the corresponding exercise. Reviews of Naposim said to follow a diet and exercise regime for the best results from the medication. In general, athletes say even an overall improvement in health and well-being.

Side effects Naposim

The main side effects of the drug are: water retention, decreased libido (after the course, it is temporary, during the course – increased), the rollback after the course Naposima, increased appetite (sometimes does not allow to follow the diet), greasy skin, acne . In general, the standard set, which can be reduced by administering anti-estrogen drugs, such as Tamoxifen . Active substance formulation Naposim – methane can also reduce production of testosterone, but only after prolonged use. The drug is toxic to the liver. Provided aromatase – an enzyme that converts testosterone into the female hormone ( estrogen ). If incorrect dosage can gynecomastia. It is important to observe the recommended dosage, their excess can lead to a strong reduction in testosterone production and destruction of the liver.


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