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Naposim is an oral anabolic steroid, it is one of the most famous brands of methandienone. Tablets are effective to improve strength and endurance, the main effect is the rapid recruitment of muscle mass. Subject to the recommendations of the side effects is an ill-defined nature to the pronounced side effects does not. On the other hand, the abuse highly probable development estrogenic or androgenic side effects.

Naposim: reviews

Most of those who used the drug, said the good growth of muscles, darkens only some back after the course. Some interfere with appetite increase, complicating compliance sports diet. Due to the popularity of the drug and, despite the recent popularity, feedback was not hard to find. Forum Our online store provides a platform to discuss preparations for both experienced athletes and beginners looking for advice.

Side effects Naposim athletes say the frequent appearance of acne, greasy skin and decreased libido. But almost all the statements in the network is characterized by a positive drug. No problem with it if in the course include anti-estrogens such as tamoxifen.

Already during the first weeks of muscle mass increase of 2-3 kg, in particular at the corresponding exercise. Reviews of Naposim said to follow a diet and exercise regime for the best results from the medication. In general, athletes say even an overall improvement in health and well-being.

Real reviews about Naposim (Vermodje) You can read on our forum and ask any questions about the drug.

Effects of naposima:

  • Quick set mass (muscle and accumulation of water);
  • Increasing the power performance and power endurance;
  • Acceleration of protein synthesis;
  • Rapid recovery;
  • Prevention of joint injuries due to fluid inflow;
  • Moderate phenomenon rollback after the course.

How to take naposim

This is not the most difficult question of how to make the right naposim. The main thing to start with a friendly and small dosages of anabolic – it’s just two tablets of 20 mg. Propyl approximately 3 – 5 days on two tablets and monitor your body’s reaction to the reception of the new steroid.

Naposim though very rare, but it can raise blood pressure, especially for those athletes who arranged for such a reaction may occur even less frequently small seals in the chest area, which will be accompanied by pain. This process is called gynecomastia.

To avoid side effects naposim need to parallel with it to make a strong  anti estrogen Proviron   50 mg. a day, that you insure your health.

If the reaction of your body from 2 tablets naposim went well, that more 95% of cases, and it happens, then you can safely go to the 3 tab. in a day. And if you are an aspiring athlete and this is your first course of steroids then three tablets can be stored until the end of the course.

Oral steroid naposim better to drink a few hours before exercise, during which time its active ingredient is understood and will be operational.

The daily dosage can be divided into two identical reception, for example in the morning to drink after meals and evening before exercise, it is not so important, but many athletes running well.

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