NPP 150



Phenylpropionate nandrolone – is a steroid, effective at drying rates and quality muscle growth. The active substance is nandrolone phenylpropionate. This short form (ester) steroid active 2-4 days after application. It has strong anabolic (150% testosterone) and mild androgenic (30% testosterone) properties. It characterized by weak flavoring as a result, minimal or no water retention.

Side effects

Application Nandrolone phenyl reasonable doses rarely causes adverse reactions. The long reception and exceeding the recommended amount can increase prolactin levels in the blood, and decreased libido.

Phenyl Nandrolone is one of the safest and most reliable steroid recommended for use by experienced bodybuilders and powerlifters. The preparation is suitable for permanent and enhanced training.


The preparation is applied courses lasting on average to 6-8 weeks (according to the requirements and tolerance of the organism). The periodicity of the injection – average 1-2 days, due to a low duration of action of the active substance (2-3 days after application).

The average recommended dose of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate Injection – 100-200 mg per day for men 2-3 (in the framework of 200-600 mg per week) and 50-100 mg per day for 2-3 women for sport (within 100-400 mg in Week). Exceeding the recommended doses to a marked strengthening effect does not lead, but increases the risk pobochek.

The effective dosage of Nandrolone phenylpropionate injection in only selected individually, or is inadequate or excessive, which in the first case is fraught with lack of results, and in the second – side effects.


  • Moderate but steady growth of muscle mass. Nandrolone gives qualitative growth. recoil phenomenon of reception completion is absent or is quite low.
  • Burning fat. Phenyl propionate, nandrolone stimulates the body to use fat reserves as an energy source.
  • Synthesis of collagen. Due to increased formation of collagen preparation strengthens ligaments and joints (formed joint fluid).
  • Strengthening immunity.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect.


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