Primover vial



Primover – one of the “safest” of anabolic steroids, which are produced by the pharmaceutical Vermodzhe.Primover – active substance metelonona enanthate, among strokes better known name yavlyaetsya Primobolan, primabol or prima. Produced as in vials of 10 ml capacity. and in the ASD to 1 ml. Of active ingredient in 1 ml 100 mg.

Effects of receiving Primover

  • Minimum rollback phenomenon. Despite the fact that with the help of a solo course Primovera impossible to gain a lot of muscle mass, all of the resulting fibers are dry and will remain with you.
  • The lack of water retention in the body.
  • Primover not accumulate fat.
  • It is not exposed to flavoring. That the injection that the oral form of the drug can not be converted into estrogens . Take Primover can be no anti-estrogenic agents. Phenomena such as edema and gynecomastia do not occur.
  • Use the output from the rate of application of heavy anabolic steroids.

Use and dosage

Primobolan course of drying, the relief and the conservation of mass lasts  6-8 weeks . Safe dose –  400 mg weekly . Injections are made once, usually in the buttock. For athletes, swimmers and representatives of combat sports enough weekly amount of 200 mg.

Longer courses Primobolan, despite all the security and the softness of the drug, still require a post-cycle therapy with Clomid to normalize hormone levels.

Primover reviews

Applying primobol, you can not be afraid of side effects, such as improving holisterina, gynecomastia, hypertension and excessive accumulation of water. The most that can happen to you, this deepening of the voice, and not a lot of acne – overdue for more sensitive athletes. Muscle mass also dial the impurity has a very good quality, and the rollback after the course will be minimal. Prima has no negative effect on the liver. Small changes in the indices of the body is possible only at doses above 800 mg. in Week.

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