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Proviron-ver (50 mg) producer Vermodje SRL (Moldova) – androgenic steroid, characterized by the ability to increase the level of free testosterone (the very felling hormone positively virtually no effect) and having antiestrogenic properties (like a blocker of the estrogen receptor and inhibitors of aromatase ). In sports practice used by athletes for various tasks: from improved results in the drying to eliminate the side effects of other AAS.

Recommended dosage Vermodje Proviron-ver

It is necessary to carry out reception Proviron-ver, in strict accordance with the instructions and compliance with all rules and regulations. At the same time, there is a very high effectiveness of the substance. Experienced athlete to achieve the desired result, it is enough to take only 50 mg. substance per day, by dividing the dosage given in two doses, 25 mg. each. In the latter case, it is necessary to carry out reception twice a day, morning and evening.

Receiving a combined preparation allowed, in combination with Nolvadex, from the calculation: 50 mg. Vermodje Proviron-ver Nolvadex 20 mg per day. Thus, one can almost completely suppress the aromatization of anabolic steroids and minimize potential side effects. Also, a very good result gives reception: 50 mg. Proviron® and 500-1000 mg. Teslac a day.

Why the need for Proviron

Often Proviron acts as an additional product within nizkoandrogennyh and anabolic courses. In this case, rates should be based on nandrolone, trenbolone, deck. Everyone knows that these drugs lead to a deterioration of libido. Vermodzhe Proviron  easily solves this problem.

The instructions to the drug says that he was appointed to the men who have low levels of testosterone. Because of this, many bodybuilders take it in the framework of post-cycle therapy. This is not entirely correct, because Proviron is an androgen, albeit not as strong as testosterone propionate and enanthate.

Side effects

Side effects Proviron by Vermodje, following the method of application and the dosage recommended by the instructions, appear only rarely. If you exceed the optimal dosage can manifest acne, excessive greasiness of the skin and increased hair growth.

Tablets Proviron-ver and analogs of the active agent does not directly affect the production of testosterone. But the drug is actively cooperating with globulin, sex hormone binding, and thus the concentration of free testosterone in the blood increases the athlete.

Instructions for Proviron-ver, extending from the drug to bodybuilders athlete has little useful information. Therefore, to obtain all the necessary information about the process of taking the drug and the recommended dose for athletes is better to seek the help of professionals or experienced athletes. Our forum contains a lot of information about these tablets is to communicate and exchange views many athletes. So if you are serious about receiving steroids and taking care of your health, do not hesitate to come to us and ask your questions.

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