Stanover amp.



Stanover Vermodje – it is widely known in bodybuilding and powerlifting anabolic steroid. Its capacity for anabolic properties of testosterone exceeds by more than 3 times, and androgenicity is only one-third of the testosterone.

The direct effect of anabolic shows in an explosive increase in power performance and increasing dryness and muscle relief. Also worthy of attention its fat burning effect, active removal of water from the body, and increased appetite.

Stanovera effects:

  • Fat burning, especially in the presence of cardio;
  • Improving vascularity;
  • Giving muscle rigidity and separation;
  • Dispose of excess liquid;
  • No pobochek such as gyno and the like;
  • Increases strength and power endurance;
  • Improves the effectiveness of other steroids;
  • It helps to keep the muscle at the end of the course, or at strict diet for weight loss.

Contraindications and side effects

Winstrol is considered a relatively safe drug, recommended even for women. With its admission, gynecomastia and swelling are very rare phenomena. However, long reception can adversely affect the ligaments and joints, so competently calculate the duration of the course and physical activity.

Often, athletes who take Winstrol, may increase pressure and increase cholesterol. As for the negative effects on the liver, it can be neutralized with hepatoprotectors. In general, the side effects of Stanozolol are rare, and all the prescriptions of the sports doctor can be avoided.

How to take Stanover

Stanover optimal dosage for men is 50-100 mg per day, but it can vary slightly depending on the athlete, body weight, fitness, goals, etc. For beginners in this business should better understand the selection of doses much detail as possible, do not risk your health and use randomly selected dosage. The greatest effect Stanovera can achieve that if an athlete has a relatively low percentage of body fat. If there are noticeable folds of fat, it is best to start a little to burn fat.

Stanovera course lasts about 6-9 weeks depending on the purpose and trained athletes. Effect of the drug significantly almost immediately, it is active for 8 hours and therefore the dose per day to distribute for 3 doses. The duration period detection Stanovera – 3 weeks.

Additional information