Suspension 100



Testosterone suspension is an aqueous solution unesterified testosterone. Unesterified – which means devoid of essential balance. It should be noted that all other forms contain testosterone ester residue. In this form of testosterone has both drawbacks and its advantages. Thus, testosterone suspension begins very quickly to “work”, faster than any other form. But the likelihood of side effects from testosterone suspensions is greater than any other of its forms. One of the drawbacks are painful injection. As solvents used in many preparations of oil or propylene glycol.

How to take

Injectable preparation, with a small half-life. Therefore, it requires frequent injections, usually daily. But very intense course of injections and put on 2-3 times a day. The daily dosage it is typically 50-100 mg. Each injection is necessary to put in a new location in order to avoid local side effects. Optimally conduct Suspension course for 4-5 weeks at the most. During this time, the effect is achieved equivalent or even greater than when testosterone esters within 8-10 weeks.

Admission Suspension injection has a strong influence on the development of its testosterone on the arc of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes. If you need a large duration of the course, you can not do without receiving gonadotropin. From the very first day of the injection, if you are prone to side effects, it is necessary to combine with taking anti-estrogens.

Often one syringe combined testosterone and other anabolic suspension in an aqueous base. It is also often mixed with vitamin B12 – it reduces the pain of injections. In particular sensitivity of the drug is mixed with anesthetics lidocaine or novocaine solution.


Steroid provides an increase in muscle mass and an increase in strength, and the drug also has fat burning properties. Suspension of testosterone is deservedly popular for a number of its advantages:
• gives a quick result;
• does not have a strong negative effect on the liver;
• the preparation has a fast half-life, which allows using it shortly before the competition.
Suspension of testosterone causes a fluid retention in the body. To its side effects also include acne, gynecomastia. To reduce their risk, it is recommended to combine the steroid course with anti-estrogens.

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