Sustaver amp



Sustaver discharged Vermodje by a very strong kind of androgenic steroid with a long period of exposure. It mixture of four different testosterones effect, which occurs in succession.

Sustaver completely identical in their characteristics with  Sustanon 250 . They are the same dosage of the same types of testosterone. Only sustaver oleate dissolved on increasing the period of its androgenic and anabolic effects on an athlete.

Use on their cycles sustaver have experienced bodybuilders. Because it is a very strong kind of steroid, which can cause unpleasant side effects.

Sustavera effects:

– effective mass;

– an anti-catabolic effect (prevents destruction of muscle fibers);

– increases appetite;

– promotes endurance;

– enhances libido.


Sustaver 250 Vermodje truly versatile drug. Suitable for all oral and inektsionnymianabolikami (Deca, Boldenone, trendobony, prima). Sustaver sold in vials of 10 ml. and 1 ml ampoules. Of active ingredient in 1 ml 250 mg. Usually beginners drug use both solo and combined courses. Dosage for the drug for beginners: solo – 300-400 mg. As part of a combined rate of 250 -500 mg. “Thoroughly prohimichenye” athletes taking sustanon in dosages of 500 mg to 2000 mg. If you are not a professional athlete does not increase the dose above 750 mg sustavera. Some people believe that once a drug has such a lasting effect, the injection can be performed 1 time per week. Disappoint, it is not so. Farmatokinenika the drug is such that in the course of its work if you put 1ukol a week we get a few “hormonal pits” when the drug is either not working at all or the amount of testosterone in the athlete’s blood is minimal. I recommend to put the drug for at least 1 time in 3 days. Some authors recommend the frequency of injections 1 every 2 days or once 4 vials of 1 every 2 weeks. How does this circuit, I have not tested, but according to some data, and it can be assumed that it has the right to life.Injections once a week may be useless. The duration of the course sustaverom 6-8 weeks. Most duration of the course leads to the oppression of the arc HPTA, and requires the introduction of gonadotropin. 3 weeks after the last injections sustavera should start FCT tamoxifen in combination with testosterone buffers, such as Tribulus.

Side effects

Since sustaver aromatize and converted into estrogens, when receiving the drug may: fluid retention, gynecomastia, blood pressure increase, baldness, testicular atrophy. the drug is not toxic to the liver.

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