Testover P amp.



Testover P – a drug from Vermodje SRL (Moldova), both chemically and structurally which is short form of injectable testosterone (propionate ester oil-based). Athletes including bodybuilders and weight lifters, is mainly used for power and drying rates.

Effect of the drug

The drug is characterized by anabolic and androgenic properties. It is capable of flavored, so it is possible such negative manifestations of oestrogenic nature as gynecomastia, acne. However, the steroid is able to protect against the risk of ischemia of the heart and coronary disease. Propionate much less excess water can accumulate in the body. And thanks to the fact that the drug immediately affects the body, the athlete literally within 1-2 days be able to feel increased appetite, high tone, a burst of energy.
After injection, the hormone concentration in the blood reaches a maximum after 12-36 hours for the declining. Accordingly, the injection should be put through the day.


Testover P  can be used when working on a lot of those who have a predisposition to excessive fat deposition, as well as who originally elevated estrogen levels. In this case, the risk of getting pobochki will be minimal. For the rest of “chemists” are preferably enantatnaya form of testosterone. Since “perforate” ass through the day at work on a lot of, I do not see the point.

Standard Operating dosage Testover P 100 mg. used in a day as you would on the mass and drying. Advanced athletes may apply and higher doses – from 500 to 1000 mg. in Week.

When operating on a set of mass, testosterone propionate from vermodzhe, combined with steroids such as methane, deck, boldenone, trenbolone and Turinabol. When the drying is typically used combining circuit including a propionate 100 mg. every other day Oral 40-50 mg. stanazolol or injection every other day. It is also used clenbuterol and fat burners. Typically a combined course should not exceed 6-8 week rows otherwise require administration of  gonadotropin

Side effects

Testosterone propionate is rapidly converted to DHT and estrogen , and therefore at high dosages and incorrectly drawn regimen may cause some androgenic side effects: hair loss, masculinization in women, prostate enlargement, hirsutism (increased hair growth on the body), gynecomastia, and acne . To the side effects of Tespover P has left you out, stick to the recommended course and not to raise the dosage.

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