Trenabol- E



Trenbolone enanthate produced British Dragon company under the trade name Trenabol- E . Tren is one of the most “powerful” anabolic steroids for muscle building. Favorite steroid professionals. Originally designed as trenbolone medicament for veterinary purposes, and was used to increase muscle mass and enhance the appetite of livestock. But soon the drug discovered bodybuilders. Since trenbolone, along with testosterone, it is a drug number 1 among professional athletes.


Since the simulation is a very powerful steroid, it makes no sense to spend long course with this drug. Good results, trenbolon shows both solo and in various combinations. trench is often used in conjunction with testosterone for weight gain and strength. Weekly dose enanthate trenbolone should not exceed 300 mg per week. The weekly dosage is best divided into 2 times. If trenbolone 200 is used by more than 8 weeks, then you run the risk of side effects, which are discussed below. In the course of trenbolone gonadotropin recommended to prevent testicular atrophy. PCT begins two weeks after the last injection. The basic drug to the PCT is Clomid, if necessary, inhibitors of prolactin doksinteksa, bromocriptine connected.

Effects of receiving

  • The increase in power performance.
  • Stimulation of muscle growth. For solo rate Trenabol- E expectancy and dosages at a certain predisposition to body weight gain may be set to 10 kg.
  • Stimulation of the insulin-like growth factor. When used Trenabol- E observed a twofold increase in IGF-1 hormone.
  • Indirect and direct fat burning effect. Apart from the fact that the steroid itself activates the body to use fat cells as an energy source, it also burns fat due to the additional release of growth hormone.
  • Reduced levels of cortisol. Trenabol- E protect proteins from degradation.
  • Increased libido and sexual desire.

Side effects

It is very safe steroid, trenbolone virtually no side reactions. However, this inept at innocuous steroid use can cause high blood pressure, baldness, acne , insomnia, and high fat content of the skin. If the athlete applies high doses of the drug without gonadotropita tamoxifen or, the side effects of Trenabol- E reduced to decrease the size of the testicles and decreased libido.


Trenabol- E can be called androgens with a capital letter, as the ability to join the androgen receptor in a friction exceeds that of testosterone to five times. Due to this property Trenabol- E and gained his legendary anabolic power. Also unique property Trenabol- E increase IFR- 1 to 200%. None of the steroid can not compete with the friction speed set in muscle mass and strength. For one course, a duration of 8 weeks, you can easily gain 8-10 kg. muscle. Weight, typed using trenbolone, very high quality and a rollback will be less pronounced than that of the other speakers “heavy”.

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