Turinover  10 mg, commercial name of the drug, which is hidden under the packing is not simply the old kind of oralturinabol pharmacological industry leader Moldova – Vermoje Vermodje.

Produced prevents tablets, sold in blister packs with 25 tablets, round tablets are taken tabe embossing with a triangle in the middle – the distinguishing mark vermoje. Active ingredient – 4-hlorodegidrometiltestosteron 10 mg per tablet.

Turinover – this is one of the most studied steroid in the world. Since its introduction in nachel 60 years in East Germany, became oralturinabol Doping number one in the preparation of German sportsmen and athletes, on which conducted the study.

Side effects Turinover

Potential side effects when used FROM usually depend on individual characteristics or dosages. In women, symptoms may verilizatsii dizirovki in excess of 20 mg / day and with prolonged use. In men, as already mentioned, the side effects associated with estrogen activity are rare. Since testosterone alkilirovan hlordigidrometil-17-alpha, it is advisable to monitor the functional state of the liver in order to prevent possible abuses. Everything else, FROM treat ksteroidam, the reception of which does not require long intervals between courses, for example when taking more than 6 weeks is not observed any negative effects.

 How to use

Turinovera dosage depends on the desired results, but the best is recognized as follows: Men 20-50 mg / day for women10-20 mg / day. As shown attached to steroid turinover instructions for use, the drug does not cause substantial fluid retention in the body, but provides a significant increase in power performance of stacked large muscle mass.

Compliance with the recommended dosage to avoid the occurrence of side effects and get excellent results.

To build lean muscle mass male athletes should be combined reception turinovera (50 mg / day) with Winstrol .

The drug is rapidly degraded and excreted in the urine for a few days.

Turinover course for strength and endurance involves taking just 20-40 mg of the drug per day.


By its action turinover very similar to methandrostenolone, though it is not conducive to such a dramatic increase in muscle mass as methane, because almost no water retention in the body, allowing you to gain quality muscle mass. 5 kg  for the course? – No problem. Characteristically, turinover moderately suppresses the production of testosterone by the body, which leads to a decrease in the phenomenon after the rollback rate.

Turik very well raising strength, in due time, using turinover my power grew for 6 week course to 40 kg., Want, believe it or not.

An interesting point, this anabolic, at one time called ‘sex drug’ because oralturinabol significantly enhances libido. So “Burning Hat” on the path you provided.

Turinover vermodje – quite a pronounced anabolic index of anabolic activity which is equal to 180% of the testosterone. Duration of turinovera 16 hours. Quite often used as a drug, and in conjunction with testosterone.Often used in the preparation of precompetitive lifters and weightlifters, because it provides a significant increase in power rates, without giving significant weight to the weight, allowing the athlete to remain in its category. Also shouted Turinabol very fond of athletes due to its ability to increase the explosive power.

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